Do You Have A Love Of Dragons?

Have you ever wanted to meet a Dragon? To spend time with a Dragon? To have a Dragon as a friend and companion?

Well … what if a Dragon suddenly turned up in your life, as if out of nowhere?

Imagine you lived in a normal Australian country town, and one day – out of the blue – a Dragon appeared needing your help?

Well … if this scenario is something you’ve dreamed yourself experiencing … then this book is for you. Because that’s EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS to a family in rural Victoria one seemingly normal afternoon when Flame the Dragon chose them to be his unlikely champions!

Hi there…it’s Flame!  A lot has happened since my last update on my website. Anne is continuing to work on the second novel of my very very interesting life. I know that you, the reader will enjoy the final result of all this hard work. Sometimes I am amazed that I am still alive with all the things that have happened to me!

Last year was a very quiet one for me. I was visiting Anne when COVID19 struck. I couldn’t fly anywhere, I couldn’t swim, something I love doing in my new home. My human friend also had to work from home during much of last year. We had some wonderful conversations during this time; don’t get me wrong. The bad thing was that I couldn’t fly back to my new home as someone would see me. Each night I would dream of the freedom I was missing …memories of flying over England teased me each night. Ah freedom.

Every day I saw people walking their dogs and when I tuned into the animals’ minds I knew that they were feeling exactly as I was. At the moment some Victorians haven’t returned from interstate, they must be annoyed! The school children must have missed their mates too as learning on line became the only way to do their school work.

I survived all that and am now back in my lovely home. Progress has been made on the second novel and my friends from Will’s Hamlet are getting on with their lives as I am. Life is good and I know that you will love the next instalment about my life. Its on its way!